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Gastronomic culture in Majorca

Posted 9. Jul 2011


Gastronomic culture in Majorca differs from British and mainland European food and drink culture. The locals of Majorca try to avoid the sun at around midday as it often is unbearable. They like to take a nap at this time of the day and postpone their lunch to the afternoon at around 4 pm when the heat is retreating. Dinner won’t take place until 8 or 9 pm. It is usually taken outside the house with family and friends joining in. Children stay up until late at night with their parents and play on the streets. Food is a big part of Spanish culture and a social event.

Spanish cuisine is famous for its “Tapas”. These are small finger-food delicacies which are served in almost every Spanish restaurant. Touristic areas sometimes do not offer Tapas on their menu. If you would like to try some, just ask. Some restaurants haven different menus for tourists and for locals. Tapas usually appear on the menu for locals. It is common practise to drink a Schnapps after finishing lunch or dinner. It is usually served with the invoice. Traditional drinks after lunch or dinner in Majorca are “Hierbas” and “Mesclat”.

To pay your invoice in a restaurant, just call a waiter and you will receive your spare change or leave the right amount of money on the table when leaving. If you want to leave a tip you can do so by putting an adequate amount on the invoice.